Auntie Wendi's Day Care

License # 444411266

Santa Cruz, CA
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Thank you Parents!

You are what makes me feel ok about working and having my daughter in day care. She has a wonderful woman in her life to love on her and make her feel special. Thank you for being in my daughter's life.

Santa Cruz, CA

It is wonderfully reassuring to hear from our 7 year-old twins just how much they love Auntie Wendi and how much they look forward to their time in her after-school program. Given that our kids can be blunt in their honesty and are quick to see the flaw in any system, these feelings about the program and Auntie Wendi say a lot about the quality of care they receive. We too have appreciated the ease of communication with Wendi and her sense of responsibility for the welfare of our children and the community of children she creates. Our children have been with Wendi DayCare for nearly 18 months and we highly recommend her care in view of her character, her commitment to child development, as well as the safe and clean environment she provides children under her watch.

- Bruce Young and Andi Rossi
  Santa Cruz, CA

Thanks to Wendi for taking such good care of our son. I don't know what I would do without her!

- Helen Lightfoot
  Santa Cruz, CA

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